Monday, July 28, 2008

World's First Constructed Dam

World's first dam was constructed in India. This dam was constructed during 1st century A.D. across the river Cauvery in Tamilnadu by Karikala Cholan. This dam was named as "Kallanai Dam" by Karikala Cholan. Kallanai dam is located 48kms away from the temple town Tanjavur. The height of this dam is 320 meters and width is 60 meters. The most important feature of this dam is that no binding material like limestone or cement were used. It was constructed by the method of interlocking the granite stones. Even today, this dam is capable of storing and regulating water. This dam remains today as a testimony for our ancient engineering expertise. We have to remember one more thing that the world's oldest man-made reservoir Sudarshan Jalasayam was built during 4th century B.C. in the region of today's Gujarat showing another piece of ancient Indian expertise in civil works.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Air powered clock

Marc Newson has released the Air powered clock- Jaeger LeCoultre's Atmos 561. This is an interesting clock to be noted where the power to run this is generated from a temperture variation of 1-degree Centigrade anywhere between 15-degree Centigrade to 30-degree Centigrade in any given day. A mixture of gas and liquid ethyl chloride in a hermetical sealed capsule compresses and slackens the spiral spring, this inturn constantly winds the mainspring which keeps the clock functioning for full two days without any destruction. Not sure about its cost, but it must be highly expensive one since Newson has made it with Baccarat crystal. The clock's bubble block is fully suspended with the single crystal which is designed to run for many years without human intervention.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Jolie gave birth to Twins

The hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt now have two more children along with the four they have adopted from different countries. The actress gave birth to non-identical twins this 13th, Sunday morning at the Lenval Hospital at Nice. The coupled named the girl Vivienne Marcheline and the boy Knox Leon. She has undergone caesarean section to give birth to this twins. Knox Leon weighed 2.28kg while his sister weighed 2.27kg. Jolie's doctor, Michel Sussmann said that the mother and the infants are fine. Christian Estrosi, Nice Mayor congratulated the couple inperson and he signed the birth certificates of the new born. The Brangelina couple sold the first photographs rights of their twins to an unnamed U.S. magazine for $11 million dollars. The couple planned to give the money to charity.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big B in Marmayogi

There were rumors passing around the Indian Film industry that Amitahb Bachchan could be signed up for Dr. Kamal Haasan's Marmayogi. As per the rumor, the role that Big B going to play will be pursuing an important part in this movie. This may make us to remember the thing happened during the progress of Vasool Raja MBBS in which Kamal Haasan and Director Saran tried to sign up with Big B for an important role in that movie, which was finally tied up with veteran comedian Nagesh. Rumors plotted in such a way that Big B would be paired up with Rekha in this movie. These rumors were vanished atlast, since there was no news from Big B as well as Kamal Haasan regarding this. Also this news made us to note that Big B refused to play a role in Sivaji, in which the leading role was played by Rajini.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

50-MegaPixel Camera

Hasselblad released their new 50-mega pixel camera, H3DII-50. The frame speed of this is one frame per second when it is set to its maximum blow. This maximum blow will swallow 300mb space in a flash card for a single snap. Incredible settings provided in this camera succeeds its ancestor having a capacity of 39-mega pixel from the same maker. This one have seperate zooming nobs for focus line and the midway lens. They also have face recognition feature which can recognise twenty-five to thirty faces in a single snap. Although, this H3DII-50 was released in the last season it is still outside the market showcase. The market rate of this far catcher is $37,000 when it was officially released by Hasselblad last season.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trip to Thirunalveli

Hi friends, here i describe about my latest trip to Thirunalveli(famous for Halwas), one of the important city in Tamilnadu.
Myself along with my RKM Ashrama friends went to thirunalveli to attend Venkatesh anna(one of our best seniors in the ashrama) marriage. Satish and me started on friday evening where others started on friday morning by train. By the time they all reached Chidambarapuram(this is the place where exactly venki anna resides) satish and me started our journey from Chennai. It was a cool start and this is the first time visit to thirunalveli for both of us. Next day morning we reached Kovilpatti(this is the place from where we will get bus to Chidambarapuram, nearly 30KMS from here), from there we went to Kovilpatti old bus stop by an auto. At 6.45AM we got a bus to Chidambarapuram. After a journey for one hour we both reached Chidambarapuram bus stop.
Getting down there satish and myself blinked at each other since we were not able to see a single house in that area. By that time i got a call from venki anna, he said his uncle will come there to pick us. In next 10 minutes his uncle came and we reached venki anna home. There we met our ashrama friends waiting for us. We had a chat for 15 minutes then we all went to refresh in venki anna's well. We walked a few meters from his home and it was awesome this is the first time in my life i am seeing cultivated land that too in a vast area. The ground water here is clean and sweet. People over there use this water for all the basic needs. There i also met venki anna's roommates Mr.Anand and Mr.Prabhu came from Bangalore. We had a nice chat and chill bath. Then we had our breakfast and played cards. It was interesting Anand anna reading the game well and blocking my moves. It was noon, we had our lunch and went to Sankaran Koil(8KMS from venki anna place where the marriage going to be held).
Satish, anand anna, prabhu anna and myself took rest in the room booked already for us. In few minutes Pandi came to our room and we three went to railway station nearby to book tickets for our return to Chennai. It was an empty way back for us. Pandi and satish went to Chidambarapurm while i returned back to room. I took rest for nearly one hour. Suddenly someone knocked my door and it was prabhu anna, he invited me for a movie. It was a pleasant evening i get refreshed and started with them. In the reception board we gone through the dailies for nearby theaters and the shows there. We decided to watch "Ayudhan Saeivoam", as it was screened in nearby theater, "Gomathy Sankar and Sons". Not a bad one that was, in the mean time i narrated the story line of "Life is Beautiful" to them. After the shows off we three dinned and went back to our room. One hour after satish came and we both slept waiting a longtime for Ramesh anna.
On the next day morning, about 6AM someone knocked the door and it was Ramesh anna teasing us about our deep sleep. He said our P.E.D and other staff are on there way to check in, in next ten minutes they checked in. It was a cool chat with our staff by the same time we refreshed and got ready to attend the marriage. The marriage hall was near to our room so we went by walk. In the marriage hall we continued our cool chat, there i got a new person Mr.Shivaramakrishnan(he is my ashrama senior) but this is first time i am seeing him. He suddenly asked me a basic question from C about STATIC variable, by that time only i got to know that he pursed M.E. in Computer Science.It was awesome discussing with him, but he is not satisfied by the way i answered and he taught me some basics in IT field. Then we all wished Venki anna and anni(bride), and took snaps.
Then along with the staff i went back to room. While satish stayed with Mr.Senthil(militry man,Venki anna's younger brother),Ramesh anna and others in the marriage hall. This is first time in my life i am playing cards with my staff. They were cool and i was playing in my usual manner. After sometime we got bored and had our lunch. Then staff went back, i had a chat prabhu anna, anand anna. They planned to start to Bangalore on the same evening. I was waiting for satish, he came in fifteen minutes and said senthil anna booked return tickets for us. Then we packed our bags and started to Chidambarapuram. We all checked out and had a last minute sign off from each other.
From there satish, ramesh anna, pandi, myself and others went to Chidambarapuram, we kept our things there, got changed and started to Bride's place to finish some of the traditional follows. It was rocking in the cab with Senthil anna on our way there,satish gave a cool hand to him. Pandi joined us in few minutes. It was party time when they signed in with SIGNATURE in the midway. I got few more hands on the way, Tharan and others(Venki anna's cousins). They got good experience with drinks. When we reached bride's place the stock was running down. So, senthil anna and others planned to search for TASMAC(reputed government bar) in nearby areas. They rented a local auto and i too joined with then. It took hardly twenty minutes for us to reach Maniaachi(place where we can find TASMAC). They were fully loaded and came back. We dined and started back to Chidambarapuram. As we all got exhausted slept while coming back. We reached Chidambarapuram in the mid night. Satish, me and others slept, senthil anna helped us with blankets.
On next day morning we got up early by 6AM, refreshed and had our breakfast. Again we had a short doze and went back to sleep in senthil anna's place. By noon we had our lunch and started to Sankaran Koil from where satish, me and others have to board to Chennai. Pandi went to his native from Sankaran Koil. We had hardly one hour to board our bus from the point so we planned to roam around to find the best place for Halwas, senthil anna guided us to the best place we were searching for, we bought best of Halwas for us.On tuesday morning we all reached Chennai.

To RKM Ashrama friends: Send your mail ID guys i will send pics taken in the marriage function.